Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Best Titanic In SL at the Waverly Yacht Club .

Yes this is not Just Like any Ordinary Titanic in Second Life .
The one is really so Amazing , Very Classy and its a Piece of Art Created by Monet Fitzgerald a very talented builder .
Simply the Best I've ever seen , and am really honored to be invited by the Creator and owner of the Waverly Yacht Club Monet Fitzgerald :)


titanic 2


*Click Here to TP to the Waverly Yacht Club Second Life Luxury Marina



Jezabell Barbosa said...

That place is fantastic. I wonder if I could marry the slove of my slife there?

Wow, a wedding on the titanic... story of my life!


SAIRUS Aeon said...

Thank you for Dropping by ;)
Yes the Titanic is really amazing , you should really see it , Monet she have done a really amazing and awesome work making is so real .
My review here in still not finished .
i'll be posting more photos and more details about it .

thanx for dropping .love your blog ;)
and Congrats on having a baby

Jezabell Barbosa said...

are you my baby daddy?

SAIRUS Aeon said...

No am sooo NOT :P

SAIRUS Aeon said...

Ohhh Jezabell

your still looking for that guy ..

sure its not me ,LOL
we never had sex , i just meet you yesterday :P
you know what ...
i dont know you ..
who are you ..??

what you need to do now is to lay back and have some rest cause , tension is not good for you or your baby .
your Pregnant remember ;)
you need more rest and Quite SMOKING .
.. hehehehe

soooo is it a boy or a girl ???

ana said...

Awwwww .

The Place is amazing ..
Thanx sairus for sharing it