Monday, January 21, 2008

This Is When Second Life Starts to interacts with Real Life

I’ve come across this very interesting video that i would like to share it with you ,its about a project at Georgia Tech called AR Second Life ( Augmented Reality )
This Project allows you to interact the real world surrounding with live content from Second Life , The Augmented Reality features is added into the open source Second Life client.
This tells us that the Line between our virtual worlds and real world will be crossed by more than just using your computer’s keyboard, mouse and monitor but you will have the ability to interact with you RL surround environment and SL .
And I think this is Just the Beginning but will Second life or Virtual reality become someday like the MATRIX ??? :P


kninkycat said...

someday there will be virtual worlds like second life very real like the matrix , i believe in that so much

nadina said...

hi Sairus
i come to pay my respect to your lovely blog .
i wish second life would be a real virtual world like the matrix movie , it would be much fun and cooler ,i think we share the same dream here & i believe this can happen in the future with all these technology updates going day by day .

- how is you learning proses going ? keep me updated plz

adnan said...

this is a greet job man and show me more this is a very good blog man
go go go :-)

sarah said...

''come to second life this is where i live now and no where else ''

i love your new msn nick name , and its very true .
you are forgetting all about your real life friends and giving all your time to your second life friends now :(
do i have to move to second life to still be your friend ????

if it takes so . oky

nice blog you got there
keep it up


cris said...



you !