Saturday, April 5, 2008

SL is Completely Down today :(

Logins Disabled until Further Notice
Friday, April 4th, 2008 at 10:22 PM by: Teeple Linden

Resident logins have been disabled until our toplevel routing issues have been resolved.
Read more. at the Official Second life blog .

People should know that the Linden Lab ppl are working really very hard to make SL really much better and when something goes wrong , there could be lots of External factors and its NOT cause they are lazy or they suck .
As fare as i know its a ISP issues .

Anyway am off to bed now , i hope when i wake up i find everything is fixed . fingers crossed X


[ Update ] 1:09 pm PDT.

I tried to log into SL and i succeeded. Wooooooooooooohhooooo.. ..
There are still some problems like i cant TP , rez objects, scripts, transactions, appearance etc, but am back in the world again ;)
Everything is going Slowly back to Normal ,Linden Lab People have been working really hard all night .

For more updates please check the official Second Life Blog .

SL is Back ;)


[ Update ] 3:51 pm PDT.

Oky this Reminds me of the movie I Am Legend . Everywhere I TP is just empty :P only me .
So i decided to pick out a nice quite SIM and sit back and chill listening to Bob Marley - Three Little Birds . hoping everything is gonna be alright .