Saturday, April 5, 2008

SL is Completely Down today :(

Logins Disabled until Further Notice
Friday, April 4th, 2008 at 10:22 PM by: Teeple Linden

Resident logins have been disabled until our toplevel routing issues have been resolved.
Read more. at the Official Second life blog .

People should know that the Linden Lab ppl are working really very hard to make SL really much better and when something goes wrong , there could be lots of External factors and its NOT cause they are lazy or they suck .
As fare as i know its a ISP issues .

Anyway am off to bed now , i hope when i wake up i find everything is fixed . fingers crossed X


[ Update ] 1:09 pm PDT.

I tried to log into SL and i succeeded. Wooooooooooooohhooooo.. ..
There are still some problems like i cant TP , rez objects, scripts, transactions, appearance etc, but am back in the world again ;)
Everything is going Slowly back to Normal ,Linden Lab People have been working really hard all night .

For more updates please check the official Second Life Blog .

SL is Back ;)


[ Update ] 3:51 pm PDT.

Oky this Reminds me of the movie I Am Legend . Everywhere I TP is just empty :P only me .
So i decided to pick out a nice quite SIM and sit back and chill listening to Bob Marley - Three Little Birds . hoping everything is gonna be alright .


Mujer said...

hi Sai ,

am really so sad and pissed .
i want my second life back .Three hours now and i cant believe they didn't fix it yet , i have been in sl since 05 and i've never seen something like this . am so much addicted .
the only fun i have now i reading the comments of pissed and furious people at Aimee's blog

and WTF why you are defending the LL people , is your gf a Linden or something ???????????

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Jena said...

SL always screwed up on Weekends Grrrr

Anonymous said...

And now... we can't even sign in... lol Why must i be so addicted?
I miss SL, oh god i really have to get a life lol.
and Mujer is right
why are you taking Linden Labs side so much !!!!

Anonymous said...

SL is getting more and more part of my life. (^=^)

Anonymous said...

hy leute,
ich bin megga angepisst von dem scheiss langsam,ich frag mich ernsthaft wofür man bezahlt..

langsam ist das n einziger witz und ich finds echt zum kotzen das man nicht mal die chance hat anderweitig auf seinen account zugreifen kann im off status um best.dinge zu checken..

die schlechteste software-
der beschissenste service
den man gesehen hat..
update zu update version zu version wird es schlimmer leere versprechen,dan die sich mit verbesserungen in keinsterweisse gehalten wird^^

ein einziger witz^^
da giebts nix zum schön reden^^

langsam sollte man sich an allternatieven gewöhnen^^
oder sich einen rentnergerechten ava sichern sollte die möglichkeit bestehen eines tages wieder ein funktionstüchtiges system vorzufinden-


ema said...

Just thought to say hi since you never return my im's and even don't want to see me in the wold .
i don't want to discuss private matters here but we really need to talk .

you can remove this comment if you like

Luna said...


[RESOLVED] Second Life is currently down - logins are disabled

its resolved ..

like you said it has something to do with the ISP .

i got my SIM Backkkk....!!!!!!

heey you should come and visit my new house .
i did some really cool changes there . Its much bigger now and the beach looks way better

im me when you get online

Titania said...

i love that song .
sairus may i join you ?
if you can send me ur Slurl of where you are cause am lonely too :((

sarah said...



ITS BACK, hahahahahahahhahaha

Shinya said...

hi sarius