Sunday, June 22, 2008

Me & my Wife at the WRONG and Reaction SPECIAL new clothing release event.

Me and my Wife attending today June 22nd the WRONG and Reaction SPECIAL new clothing release .

All of the money spent on these items will go directly to the Relay For Life cause( American Caner society ).

The even was held at the plaza outside the WRONG main Store .
People who attended the even where lucky to get the new (WRONG RFL Stars Hoodie ) which will officially be released next month and some other really cool new stuffs too .

Sairus & Lhilli

Sairus & Lhilli (5)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Setting up Camping Sites at the Store .

Yesterday We are finished Deploying some camping Sites at the Store ..
So now you can Enjoy shopping and Camping as Well and make some Extra Cash ;)

*To Join the Camping Group Please IM me SAIRUS Aeon or Lhilli Praga

-- Lhilli Paradise & Fashion Store --

** TP to Our Camping ZONE and Shop

Lhilli Paradise & Fashion Store


キャンプグループに入るには IM SAIRUS Aeon or Lhilli Praga

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Please Welcome Lhilli

Just to let you all know .
Lhilli now Will be Writing here in this blog as well as her Private blog .
This is her blog too now .

Checkout Lhilli's Blog and Listen to Collections of the Best Romantic Japanese Music .


Lhilli owns one of the biggest shops in SL selling the best very known Brands and names in Fashion Clothing and Accessories Skins , Hairs , Sun-glasses ..etc .
So She will be talking about Fashion tips, advice , and trends in fashion, beauty, and style that you want! The latest news on fashion , makeups and also about decorating your home or club .


Lhilli wearing the White Stripey Skull WRONG ™ bag


*Lhilli Store

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lhilli Fashion Store & Paradise Beach

MY Wife's blog and Stores .

Lhilli Fashion Store ** CLICK HERE TO TP **

CLICK HERE TO TP directly if your SL Client if already opened

Best SL Known Brands..WRONG,SKIN from EMPORIO CAPRONI ,ANNS,REACTION,ES,Sunglasses from JDK..all for women and mens wear...come and visit...and swim at big Aquarium...
Come down there and check it out all the fun and actions ;)

*Lhilli's Blog Website .here

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Just Married

Yes Yesterday I got Married to the Most Amazing Woman ever , She Showed me so Much Love and Care , And with her warmness she was Always there for me , She always supported me no matter what i did and never gave up on me .

I will always be so greatful for all what she did and all this love and support she shared .
Thank you Soo Much baby for Everything .. I hope i can Alway make you happy .
Thank you so much for believing in my Babyy ...